Sofico Gent Marathon Supports Sportaround


This year, Sofico Gent Marathon will be supporting non-profit organisation Sportaround again.

Sportaround was founded in Ghent in 2013. During sports afternoons, they get children from vulnerable neighbourhoods exercising, they offer after-school sports clubs in nearly 50 schools, entertain children during the summer months in city squares with a sports cart, provide neighbourhood sports camps and organise plenty of other low-threshold sports activities and events.

Sportaround wants to give everyone the opportunity to develop through sport and exercise. By exercising you feel better about yourself, you are healthier, you grow self-confidence, you discover your talents, you build up a group of friends, you learn to deal with winning and losing,… Children can develop in a positive way.

Give this organisation a helping hand with a donation added to your online registration or participating in sports during one of the sports activities they organise.

At the Sofico Gent Marathon 2022 edition, they will be visible at various spots along the course!

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