Prepare yourself the best way possible with Energy Lab!

The best way to give yourself a head start, is to come prepared. Prevent injuries by getting yourself the right training schedules, matched to your preferences. Your preparation starts here!

Energy Lab offers you everything to run a perfect Sofico Gent Marathon Take a DEXA scan, or schedule a fitness test, or ask for a tailor-made programme for your marathon. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recreational or competitive runner, Energy Lab is known as the reference for training guidance.

Visit one of their labs in Leuven, Paal-Beringen, Ghent or Rotterdam and get the advice you need.

Runners Lab

The right running shoe definitely leads to more comfort and prevents injuries. That’s why it’s a good idea to be accompanied in your search to the most suitable pair. The experts of Runners’ Lab can measure your movement pattern, and use your personal foot profile to provide you with the best fitting shoe. Pamper your feet!

Marathon training package

Prepare for your marathon with the right training schedules. Avoid common mistakes and get the proper guidance over several months. This package offers the optimal preparation to reach the finish line.

Effort test running

Achieve your goal more easily and efficiently, no matter your experience! With this test, we map your current fitness level and offer a customized schedule. Boost your training and improve your running in no time.

Running coaching

Get personal guidance for your training, and opt for tailor-made running support. Your personal coach prepares programmes, checks your training and race data and makes adjustments where necessary. By working closely together, you’ll reach new benchmarks!

Analysis of the body composition

Take a close look at what your body is made of, with our advanced DEXA scan. By measuring the percentages of fat, muscle and bone in your body, together we can better define your objectives, and adjust your training schedules.

All Energy Lab services

At Energy Lab you can also get professional nutritional advice, sports medical examination, biomechanical running analyses or tailor-made guidance towards your sporting goals.