Practical info

Below you find all practical information about the Sofico Ghent Marathon.

  • Personalized race number with your name*
  • Unique medal at the finish
  • Marathon participants receive the exclusive Sofico Gent Marathon T-shirt for free
  • Refreshment stations on the course and at the finish
  • Changing rooms & showers at the Topsporthal
  • Free storage of sports bags
  • Correct distance and time indication on the course and at the finish
  • Complete results, available live on the website
  • Detailed course description for every distance, with indication of the supply posts
  • Sportinez-insurance during the races. Click here for more information.
  • Electronic chip at the back of the race number ensuring correct time registration

* Personalized race numbers only available for participants registered online until March 7th 2021.

Saturday 26th of March 2022

  • Registrations at the Topsporthal: 12h00 –17h00

Sunday 27th of March 2022

  • Registrations: As of 8h00
  • Start Sofico Gent Marathon: 10h00
  • Start Sofico Gent Half Marathon : 10h00
  • Start Sofico Gent 11KM: 11h10
  • Official closing time finish: 16h00
  • Official closing time of the event: 17h00

Start & finish for all distances of the Sofico Gent Marathon are at Topsporthal Vlaanderen, Zuiderlaan 14, 9000 Ghent.

If you have taken over the starting number from someone else, please note the following steps:

Name change

  1. Get the chest number with the confirmation email from the person from whom you have taken over the starting number
  2. Have your details changed at the helpdesk and receive a new chest number.

Do not forget to bring your ID. For a name change there is a € 5 administration cost.

Distance change

Would you like to change distances?

  1. First take off your chest number
  2. Have your distance changed at the helpdesk and get a new chest number

Changing to a lower distance is free of charge. For a higher distance, the difference in price will be charged.

Participation packages will not be sent by mail but can be collected on site on Saturday March 26 and Sunday March 27, 2022.

1 week before the event, individually registered participants will receive a confirmation email with their personalised number (when registered by March 7th), which allows participants to collect their race numbers from the registration desk.

You can pick up your running shirt on presentation of your envelope. Please note: indicating the desired size on the registration form is purely informative & no guarantee that this size is still available when picking up the T-shirt. The earlier you pick up your T-shirt, the more likely it is that the size you want is still available.

(*)Those who register online before 7 March will receive a personalised chest number.

Sofico Gent Marathon

The time limit for the Sofico Gent Marathon is 5 hours. By order of the police the roads will be opened for traffic based on this pace. Those who run more slowly will be asked to stop their race or continue running at their own risk, without the roads being cordoned off.

Sofico Gent Half Marathon

By order of the police, the course will be opened for traffic after the last runner finishes, following a tight schedule of 7 minutes per kilometre. Those who run more slowly will be asked to stop their race or continue running at their own risk, without the roads being cordoned off.

Supplies for Sofico Gent Marathon:

8 supplies with both water & AA Drink Iso Lemon.
3 supplies with bananas: (15km, 25km & 35km)
1 supply with biscuit (30km)

Supplies Sofico Gent Half Marathon:

5 supplies of both water & AA Drink Iso Lemon.
1 supply with bananas: 15km

Supplies Sofico Gent 11 km: :

1 supply of both water & AA Drink Iso Lemon.

Would you rather have your own drinks available? You can hand in your personal drinks to the personal drinks booth on Sunday March 27th, between 8:00 and 8:45. Our co-workers will distribute the drinks at the 8 different refreshment stations.

Tip: Make sure your drink is easy to recognise, that way you don’t have to waste time searching for it.

From 8:00 onwards, you can drop off your bags at the “Bag Drop Zone”. When you hand in your sports bags, a sticker with a number will be stuck on your race number. The same numbered sticker will be placed on your sports bag. After the run, you can only get your bag back upon presentation of your race number with this sticker. Loose items of clothing or plastic bags are not accepted. Make sure you bring a well-fitting (sports) bag to put your stuff in. Sports bags can be collected until 5PM.

Separate showers and changing rooms for M/F are available for all participants in the Topsporthal, which is the start and finish of all distances of the Ghent Marathon.

Loose items of clothing or plastic bags are not accepted. Make sure you bring a well-fitting (sports) bag to put your stuff in.

The Sofico Gent Marathon will also feature a Pacer Team with pacers for various speeds.

These pacers will be easily recognisable in their start boxes thanks to their coloured flags: These pacers will be easily recognisable in their start boxes thanks to their coloured flags:

Sofico Gent Marathon

  • 2:59 pink flag
  • 3:15 blue flag
  • 3:30 yellow flag
  • 3:45 red flag
  • 3:59 green flag
  • 4:15 black flag
  • 4:30 orange flag
  • 4:45 grey flag
  • 5:00 white flag

Sofico Gent Half Marathon

  • 1:30 pink flag
  • 1:40 blue flag
  • 1:50 yellow flag
  • 2:00 red flag
  • 2:10 green flag

A wristband is provided for each participant: it shows the split times per kilometre that you have to run to reach your desired finish time. A useful reminder during the race, that you simply wear around your wrist! These wristbands are free to pick up from the registration area on Saturday or Sunday.

You do not have to enter a personal best when registering.

For the start of the marathon, you can go and take your place in the start box of the time you are aiming for, just like the pacers. This should ensure ideal running comfort for everyone. We do not perform checks. If all marathon runners stick to the rules of fair play, everyone can have a good start.

The start boxes for the marathon: – 2.59 hrs / – 3.15 hrs / – 3.30 hrs / – 3.45 hrs / – 4.00 hrs / – 4.15 hrs / – 4.30 hrs / – 4.45 hrs / – 5.00 hrs.

Start boxes for the half marathon: 1.30hrs / 1.40hrs / 1.50hrs / 2.00hrs/ 2.10hrs / + 2.10hrs

Sofico Ghent 11 km: There is no start box for faster athletes in this competition. Everyone starts together.

SPORTOGRAF.COM is the official photo service of the Sofico Gent Marathon. These photographers have acquired a good reputation in recent years with their fully digital service and competitive prices.

They have an outstanding feeling from the perspective of the participant as they themselves are active runners.

The organisers would like to advise against intense physical activity without proper preparation. Please make a sensible decision when choosing the distance you wish to cover and/or the pace you want to maintain. If you want to take part in competitive sport at high intensity level, it is advised to undergo an annual medical check-up.

The submission of medical certificates is not mandatory. It is up to the athlete himself to decide how to deal with the information he receives during a medical check-up. The organiser shall bear no responsibility in this regard.

More information on health & sports can be found here.

The organisation also applies the following minimum age:

Marathon: 18 years

Half Marathon: 16 years

Would you like to combine Sofico Gent Marathon with a visit to this unique historic city? You can!

Ghent breathes history and offers you a fascinating cultural cocktail filled to the brim with trendy and modern city life. Ghent is a city for bon vivants. The sympathetic and hospitable inhabitants of Ghent know what the good life is all about. During your city trip, don’t miss the opportunity to admire the world-famous masterpiece “The Mystic Lamb” by the brothers Van Eyck.

For information about accommodation and places of interest, please refer to