Optimize your sleep!

A training schedule, a healthy diet, proper equipment… all essential for preparing well for running a (half) marathon. Good sleep and an ergonomic bed are also crucial, but often overlooked. Without the right rest, you won’t have full focus or charged legs at the start. But which bed and mattress give you the best sleep? Find out through the mattress and bed base configurator from Lattoflex.

Mattress and Bed Base Configurator

Thanks to Lattoflex’s mattress and bed configurator, you can easily and quickly find your ideal bed. Answer a few questions about your sleep habits, and Lattoflex will tell you which mattress and bed base best suit your body structure and sleep profile.

Testing the bed

Once you know which mattresses and bed bases suit you, it’s best to visit a Lattoflex sales point to test the beds. The Lattoflex Expert can provide additional guidance in your bed choice, and you can personally experience which bed feels the best.

Training Starts in Bed

Once you’ve found your ideal Lattoflex bed, it’s important to see sleep as an essential part of your preparation for the (half) marathon. During your sleep, your muscles recover, your mind finds peace, and you gather energy for the next day. Each of these is a necessary condition for a good performance. It’s clear: training starts in bed.